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Dorf Tirol

Sunny Days with an Impressive Mountain Backdrop

The community of Dorf Tirol in South Tyrol is characterized by mild temperatures and a varied landscape that stretches from Zenoberg all the way to the Texelgruppe Natural Park, ranging from an altitude of 600 to 2500 meters. Below the snow-covered mountain peaks a surprisingly broad vegetation can be found: from Mediterranean plants such as cypress and olive trees and oleander in the valley basins to alpine flowers, birch trees and coniferous forests high in the mountains. Located only a few minutes walk from Hotel Appartement Inge is the historic Tirol Castle, the former residence of the Counts of Tyrol who gave their name to the entire region.

Our tip

The mountain cinema "Knottkino"

On the Rotsteinkogel rock above Voeran is located a unique natural cinema: the mountain cinema “Knottkino”, created by the artist Franz Messner. Sit back in one of the chestnut-wood cinema chairs and enjoy the view all the way from Ulten Valley to the glaciers of the Ortler mountain massif.

Simply Bliss

Holiday Region of Merano

Strolling through the spa town of Merano, you will find Art Nouveau buildings and promenades right next to wild parks along the river, crossed by paths such as the Sissi-Trail, named after the Empress Elisabeth of Austria – leading all the way to one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. These even low paths lead along the old irrigation channels of the lower mountain ranges of Marling, Algund and Lana and are ideal for relaxing hiking tours, while mountaineers may opt for hikes in the wide range of mountain massifs, such as the Texelgruppe Natural Park. All around the village of Dorf Tirol you will find appealing hiking and biking destinations, such as the sunny high plateau around the Ifinger.

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